Red Flag

Red Flag

This is the Dizzy Event for 17, August 2008. Called Olympic Flight.

The Dizzy Olympics have taken off, are you ready to suit up? To take the test and see if you are a true athlete, jog on over to Breakwater Beach and look for the Red Torch Flag.

First head over to Breakwater Beach the Red Torch Flag is located next to the Olympic Cauldron when clicked a message pops up saying...

Ready to test your ability to focus? Prove to Katherine de Claw that you are Dizzywood's number one Olympian by finishing her game with a bang! Are you ready for this one? Good Luck!

Then a game of Flight comes up. Get five stars without hitting the walls. When you win the game a message pops up saying...

Olympic jumpsuit

Olympic Jumpsuit

Yes! You did it! You have been one of the best competitors in the Dizzy Olympics! The blood, the sweat, and tears all paid off. The Dizzy Team has a special uniform to present to you for competing in this year's Dizzy Olympics. Wear it with pride, you've earned it!

You got Olympic Jumpsuit (Tops and Bottoms). Well-done.

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