This daily event first appeared on July 20, 2008.

For Spy Bear's final test mission, he has disguised himself as another familiar face in Dizzywood. You must use the spyglass emote to see through his camouflage and unveil his true identity. As your reward, you will be outfitted with Stealth Gear.

Ok so to do this you need to get out the spy glass emote that you got yesterday. If you do not have it check out my page from yesterday Dizzy Activity: Find the Secret Operative then you go round every character and send them the spy glass emote. If you do not have the time to go round every character on Dizzywood then I'll tell you who it is you need to click on, if you want to find him yourself do not read on.

Ok so you either don't have the time to go right round Dizzywood or you just don't want to go all the way round Dizzywood either way Spy Bear is disguised as Brooke Lodgington, the owner of the Blue Showroom in the Home Emporium. Now all you have to do is go and find him in the blue showroom and send him the spy glass emote.

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