Olympic torch

Unlit Torch

This is an article about the Daily Event for August 8, 2008 called Light the Olympic Torch.

In preparation for the Dizzy Olympics, Presto and the rest of the gang have been stretching, jogging laps around Farthing's Meadow, and drinking plenty of fluids! You'll need to find some time to train as well, as you will be in charge of leading the Torch Relay to start off the festivities. ON your mark, get set, and go and find an unlit torch and light it!

Ok so you have to find the Olympic Torch first, so head over to the The Garden Gazebo. In the Garden at the far end there is a tea set that sits on a brown flowery table and there are two chairs, you will find the torch there. When you click it a sign pops up saying...

You've found an unlit torch. To light it you'll need to take it to a tended fire in Dizzywood.


You Got: unlit torch

The torch will then appear in your backpack under Loot.


The fire used to light the torch

Now you need to find a fire and there is only one tended fire in Dizzywood that I know of and that's the one in the The Explorer's Camp, the one Pierre Le Snout stands next to. So go there if the fire is not lit move you mouse over it and the fire will begin to start up. When you have a good fire going click the fire and a message will pop up...

Congratulations, you've lit the torch! You will need this to complete the relay and light the Olympic cauldron that will kick off the games. Stay tuned for the details on the next leg!


You Got: 200 coins!, Lit Torch.


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