This is an article about the Daily Event for July 19, 2008 called Find the Secret Operative. It is where you need to collect four pieces of a photograph.

Spy Bear has an unidentified operative working for him to help train his new spies. Collect four hidden pieces of a photo to reveal to the operative's identity. You will be rewarded with essential spy gear for locating this special agent!!!

Here is where you can find the four pieces of the photograph:

  1. In Presto's Grove just near The Presto's Edge Sign.
  2. In Jaguar Temple, The Second Platform.
  3. At the very far end of Breakwater Beach.
  4. In Skytown Skate Park, just across the bridge.

After you get all the pieces of the photograph, go talk to the secret operative (they are revealed in the photo) and you will get a Spyglass emote.

If you need help doing the July 20, 2008 Daily Event please go to Dizzy Activity: Master of Disguise.

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