This is the Daily Event for 23, August 2008. Called Find the Bee Sprite.

NOTE: To do this Event you have to have the Honey Jar from the Collect Honeycombs Event.

Bees have been seen throughout Dizzywood, looking al little lost without their honey. They might be able to help Kat de Claw's plants now if you're able to deliver the honey to the right bee. Bee careful though, they might sting if you choose the wrong one!

Dizzy activity find the bee sprite 5

Bee Sprite in Wildwood Glen

So head over to Wildwood Glen and find the right bee!!

Buzzz…I can smell that you have my honey! I'll take it and give you this recliner to rest your feet in. Stay tuned for the last step and maybe then I'll be able to convince the rest of the worker bees to help with pollination!

It took your Honey Jar from your Loot and give you the Yellow Neo Recliner furniture in your Home Items that you can put in your home.

There are bees in The Garden Gazebo, The Explorer's Camp and in Breakwater Beach, but they are the wrong ones.

If you click them this message pops up:

Dizzy activity find the bee sprite 4

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