Dizzy activity collect coconuts 2

Preparations in Breakwater Beach

This is the Daily Event for 28, August 2008. Called Collect Coconuts.

Pierre Le Snout's daughter Sophie is headed back to university in Canal City. He would like to send her off with a Luau in Breakwater Beach, and needs your help in preparing for it. The first step is to collect the coconuts he dropped somewhere in Dizzywood to make Sophie's favourite pie.

Dizzy activity collect coconuts 1

All the coconuts

The coconuts scattered on the field in Farthing's Meadow.

When you click the first one a message pops up:

You've picked up a coconut. Pierre needs 25 coconuts to make his daughter Sophie's favourite pie, so keep going!

When you collect all 25 coconuts this message pops up:

Dizzy activity collect coconuts 3

Congrats! You've collected enough coconuts for Pierre's famous Coconut Cream Pie! Sophie will be so excited!

The Coconut Pie goes under Loot in your backpack.

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