The cake

This is an article about the Daily Event for August 4, 2008 called Celebration Cake.

Congratulations! The Summer Wizard received enough magical ingredients to fix his staff and bring out the sun for the unveiling party of our Wildwood Glen monument. Pierre Le Snout is so overjoyed, he's baked a cake but needs it delivered to his daughter Sophie before it goes flat. Can you get it to her before time runs out?

First head over to the The Explorer's Camp, Pierre Le Snout is were he normally is next to the camp fire. The only difference is there is a lovely big blue cake on a table next to him. You click on the cake and a message will pop up...

Quick, get this cake to my daughter Sophie before it goes flat. She needs it for today's big party!

Sophie at event

Sophie in Wildwood Glen

When you click OK the cake appears in your loot in your backpack. Sophie is in Wildwood Glen waiting for you. It doesn’t say how long you actually have but I think it's about a minute maybe less, and it might take more than one try to do it. When you see her click on her (if you have ran out of time she will send you back to Pierre Le Snout to get a new cake) and if you do it in time this is what she says...


The confetti emote

Yay, you got my papa's cake to me just in time! Here's some confetti to help us celebrate!

Click OK and a you got sign pops up...

You Got: Confetti

The Confetti appears in your backpack under emotes. To use it you must click on it and then click on another person the confetti will then appear above that persons head.

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