Dizzy activity buzzing trivia 2

One of the wilting bushes in The Garden Gazebo

This is the Dizzy Event for 21, August 2008. Called Buzzing Trivia.

Some of the bushes in The Garden Gazebo are starting to wilt, and Kat de Claw is hoping that some honey bees will come to pollinate the flowers on her bushes to spread more seeds. The bees need some convincing though, and answering the trivia question is the first step in doing so! First, head to Breakwater Beach for some information from the Sea Sprite.

Dizzy activity buzzing trivia 1

Clue from the Sea Sprite

As it says first head over to Breakwater Beach, on the right side of the beach near Cecil's Beach Hut Store there is a Sea Horse, this is the Sea Sprite. Click on him and he will give you a clue to the question.

Dizzy activity buzzing trivia 3

Trivia Chest

Then head over to Presto's Edge walk strait across and you should see a brown chest, this is the trivia chest. Click the chest and a question come up, answer the question correctly and you get 250 coins.

NOTE: If you fail, wait about 10 minutes and try again.

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