This is the Dizzy Activity for 26, July 2008: Broken Cannon.

Plumpox isn't making anything easy around here. He's broken our transportation to Skytown Skate Park, but Chanjo is ready to help. He's got the deactivator in his hand, but it's missing a widget that will allow the deactivator to release the power of the reactor coil Professor Plumpox has placed on the cannon.

The first thing you do is go to Presto's Edge. Then you go to the far end of Presto's Edge right next to Tanglevine Jungle sign. If you look between the Game Machine and the Tanglevine Jungle sign (it's more near the Game Machine), you should see an orange thing lying on the floor, you click on that. Then it comes up with a message that says...

You found the widget! Now hurry back to Chanjo so he can fix the deactivator that will stop Plumpox's reactor coil!

When that is done you go and find Chanjo in Presto's Grove and click on him. When you click on him another message pops up saying...

You've found the widget! This little piece will fix the deactivator. You've done good Explorer! Let me give it a little twist here and a tug there, and I'll have it fixed in no time. Together we will defeat Plumpox's reactor coil! For your help, here's a fun hat for you to wear.

Dw propeller beanie

The propeller beanie

When you click the ok button a You Got message pops up...

Propeller Beanie

After you click the Awesome button the Propeller Beanie goes into your Headwear. To put it on you just click it.

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