Inside the Delta Carrot Mine

The Delta Carrot Mine is the first of the mines which can be found in the Elder Vein Mines.

You can find the entrances here to the Tau Parsnip Mine, Theta Potato Mine, Gamma Yam Mine and back to The Crystal Catacombs.

This mine is the location of the first piece of the Corrupt Crystal Dampener.

Delta Carrot Mine Lever

Stand next to the lever to see the zap button!

If you have the Zap power, you can skip a few mines and go straight to the Gamma Yam Mine.

First, you look for the rock on the left with a handle sticking out (if it's too hard to see it, use Ghost Ray). When you stand next to the lever it opens a zap panel. Use Zap on the purple circle, and you can enter the Gamma Yam Mine!

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