NOTE: Daily events (or Dizzy Activities) are now called Missions.

Daily Events take place often on Dizzywood and when you log in on a day when a daily event is running, you will get a message right away telling you about the event. If you wish to see the daily event again, you can find it on the notice board in Presto's Edge

They often involve finding something or helping a character in Dizzywood. Most of the time, you get a reward like 300 coins or a piece of clothing.

The Daily Events usually happen on  Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you miss a day, the oldest one you have not completed (that has not been deleted) will appear. If that happens, you can log in again to see the next oldest. They often disappear from the game on Mondays.

Daily Events List Edit

Event Name Date Item/Reward
Summoning a Sprite September 16, 2008 Musical Emote
Find Hidden Spiders September 11, 2008 Big Mouth T-shirt
A Tasty Treat for Quill September 7, 2008 Sticker (Awesome)
Pocket Full of Lint September 6, 2008 250 coins
Fishing For The Boot September 5, 2008 Sticker (oops)
Find The Tin Cans September 4, 2008 250 coins
A Gift From Sophie August 31, 2008 Lei Headband
Where Shall We Sit? August 30, 2008 Straw Mat
Deliver Coconut Pie August 29, 2008 250 coins
Collect Coconuts August 28, 2008 Coconut Pie
Sticky Force Field August 24, 2008 Bee Keeper Outfit
Find the Bee Sprite August 23, 2008 Yellow Neo Recliner
Collect Honeycombs August 22, 2008 Honey Jar
Buzzing Trivia August 21, 2008 250 coins
Olympic Flight‎ August 17, 2008 Olympic Jumpsuit
Olympic Memory August 16, 2008 250 coins
Olympic Word Race August 15, 2008 250 coins
Olympic Bounce August 14, 2008 250 coins
Torch Relay Final Leg August 10, 2008 Training Headband
Torch Relay First Leg August 9, 2008 Barbell
Light the Olympic Torch August 8, 2008 Lit Torch
Celebration Cake August 3, 2008 Confetti emote
Help the Summer Wizard fix his staff August 2, 2008 Magic Box
Summon the Summer Wizard August 1, 2008 Chill Out Glasses
Weather Trivia July 31, 2008 Rain Coat and Rain Hat
Ugh, Toxic Sludge! July 27, 2008 Lab Coat
Broken Cannon July 26, 2008 Propeller Beanie
Master of Disguise July 20, 2008 Stealth Gear
Find the Secret Operative July 19, 2008 Spyglass emote
Crack the Code July 18, 2008 Spy Briefcase
Secret Agent Bear July 17, 2008 Recon Goggles
Stolen Invitations July 12, 2008 Invitation emote
Snail Salad July 11, 2008 Picnic Basket
Picnic Trivia July 10, 2008 250 coins
Falling Skateboard July 6, 2008 Lightning Skateboard
Blow Dry in High Winds July 5, 2008 300 coins
Broken Lamps July 4, 2008 Firecracker emote
Wind Bogie July 3, 2008 Curly Trim Sofa
Reunited Shipmates June 29, 2008 Shipmates Framed Photo
Sea Sprite June 28, 2008 Turtlebloom Plant Seeds
Arrival of Moonpebble June 22, 2008 TwinklePig
Moonpebble's Favorite Flower June 21, 2008 Blush Berry Seeds
Moon Rock Hunt June 20, 2008 Horseshoe emote
Moonpebble Trivia June 19, 2008 250 coins
Rock Bogie's Hide and Seek June 15, 2008 Log Drawer
Rock Bogie's Locate the Fake Crystals June 14, 2008 500 coins
Rock Bogie'sForce Field June 13, 2008 300 coins
Rock Bogie's Broken Pieces June 12, 2008 Glowflower Seeds
Family Egg Hunt March 22, 2008  ?
Pot of Gold March 17, 2008 Coins
Valentines Day February 14, 2008 Friendship emotes
Winter Wizard January ?, 2008 Ice feather
Fall Wizard January 2, 2008  ?
Spring Wizard December 27, 2007  ?

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