Character cecil

Cecil the crab

Cecil Sideshuffle is a crab character located in Breakwater Beach. He is the owner of Cecil's Beach Hut Store where you can get beach clothes and beach items like a beach towel and an umbrella. And he stars in some of the Games you can play in your backpack.

Places breakwater beach

Surfboard, Cecil's Beach Hut Store and the pile of towels

Click on the pile next to the Beach Hut Store and get a free beach towel. Once you have a beach towel in your backpack, click on it to place it on the sand. You can only have one towel for free.

You can now find a pair of Sunny Day Sunglasses hidden behind the surfboard next to the Beach Hut Store. You need to use the Ghost Ray power on the surfboard to reveal them.

Everyone can purchase the diving helmet from him for 2.000 coins (just click on him).

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