Montana Jack's Sketch Of Canal City

Montana Jack's Sketch Of Canal City

Canal City in Dizzywood opened on Monday, March 16th 2009 and gives access to Gilbert Square West and Gilbert Square East.

There are two new Missions regarding Canal City.

There was a reference made to it in The Collect Coconuts Dizzy Activity and some sketches of what it might look like have been posted on the Web.

Special members (known as silver explorers) helped to rebuild it (see picture of the capstone at the bottom). Members received emails to become beta testers.

Gilbert Square WestEdit

In Gilbert Square West, you can find Mrs. Whiskercheeks,a ferret and her cafe, where you can buy assorted foods to decorate you house (for members only).

You may also spot Mayor Longullet, a pelican.

The music store is located here, as well as the airship station, where you and three other friends can board an airship and go to The Endless Wild.

Gilbert Square EastEdit

Gilbert Square East houses Monkey Wrench's Playtorium, where you can play assorted the games Force Field, Flight, Combo Drop, Blocks, Flash Cards and Bounce.

Groomfur's Clothing, the Pathfinder Official and a stage are also housed here. The Dizzy TV Studio can be found here, also.

Canal City RoadEdit

Places canal city road monster

Monster on Canal City Road

Places canal city road flies

A swarm of flies on Canal City Road

  • There are some monsters on Canal City Road, Zap them and you get something.

  • There is also a swarm of flies here…not sure what they do.

  • You can play Force Field to get rid of all the toxic plants.

The Endless WildEdit

Places canal city road capstone

Capstone you can find on Canal City Road

This frontier is home to many monsters, which can be defeated by the basic Zap power. Here you can also get one of the critter, the morpher.

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