Brooke Lodgington

Brooke Lodgington is a lovely big beaver who wears a red jacket and some fancy glasses, she is the owner of the Home Emporium (the only Furniture shop in Dizzywood).

She can be found in the Mansion Showroom and if you click on her she will offer to sell you the deed to a home for only 100 coins (unless you already have a home).

You can get to the Mansion Showroom by clicking on the "Furniture" sign located in Presto's Edge or by using the Home Emporium teleporter icon in your "Home" tab.

Brooke Lodgington

Brooke in front of her Home Emporium

Brooke has changed the Home Emporium! There are some new showrooms and new items to buy and instead of an old wooden door there's a shiny new elevator (when you click on it you get a map of showrooms like the Map of Dizzywood). So you don't have to go through each showroom to get to where you want to go.

Which Floor

NOTE: If you click a teleporter in one of the showrooms, it teleports you back to Presto's Grove.

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