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Breakwater Beach Edit

Dizzywood fishing breakwater beach

Fishing at Breakwater Beach

BB flag

Location of the flag in Breakwater Beach

Breakwater Beach is a new addition to Dizzywood and is the home of Cecil Sideshuffle the crab and the Sea Sprite.

There are many fun things to do at the beach, including fishing, beach towels, and more.

If you collect all the seashells and starfish on the beach you get 20 coins each.

There is a rose emote hidden behind a rock on the right side of Cecil's Beach Hut Store.

Breakwater Beach now has a flag so you go there automatically and the sign for Breakwater Beach is in Presto's Edge.

Beach Towels Edit

You can buy other beach towels at Cecil's Beach Hut Store for 900 coins. Once you have a beach towel in your backpack, click on it to place it on the sand.

You can have one beach towel for free, click on the pile next to Cecil's Beach Hut Store. The type of beach towel you get is random.

Fishing Edit

Fishing is a new popular activity on Dizzywood that was introduced with Breakwater Beach. To get your Fishing Pole, you must use the Ghost Ray power on the wrecked boat in the ocean. You'll find the fishing pole hidden underneath it. Click on it to play the fishing game. If you manage to get 400 points playing the game you get to keep the fishing pole ! Once you have it, click on it to activate and then choose where you'd like to fish (you must fish on water). After fishing for a while, you might catch a Fish!

Any items you get that are classified as junk can be sold to Quill in Presto's Edge (for a list of junk items see article Quill the Junk Vendor).

You can also get furniture for your home with fishing (for a list of furniture items see article Furniture).

Clothes Edit

Summer Clothes can be found in Cecil's Beach Hut Store. They include the following items:

  • Goggles/sunglasses
  • Diving tops
  • Diving shorts
  • Other Accessories

You can find a pair of sunglasses hidden behind the surfboard next to Cecil's Beach Hut Store. You need to use the Ghost Ray power on the surfboard to reveal them.

Cerulean Reef Edit

If you have a Diving Helmet (click on Cecil to buy it), you can go to Cerulean Reef. Cerulean Reef, or the Cerulean Reef of Octavius Rex, is an underwater kingdom ruled Octavius Rex.

There are two ways to get a Diving Suit.

  • You can buy it at Cecil's Beach Hut Store.
  • You can go fishing with the Fishing Pole and get it.You can also find glasses in gifts in the Cerulean Reef.