Bogies are creatures related to sprites, but are more mischievous. They mean no real harm though.

Part in April Fool's Day Edit

April Fool's Day 2008Edit

Dizzywood bogie catacombs

The rock bogie in his hiding place.

A Rock Bogie appeared on Dizzywood on March 28, 2008 and caused a lot of mischief ahead of April Fool's Day. He secretly changed all of the signs so that they pointed to different places than they claimed to.

Players needed to find the Rock Bogie in his secret hiding place and beat him in a game of Force Field to make him return the signs to normal. Players also received the haha emote, which looks like a funny nose and glasses.

April Fool's Day 2009 Edit

Many bogies were shown in this event. The only places that didn't have a bogie were Skytown Skate Park, The Crystal Catacombs, the Elder Vein Mines, and The Explorer's Camp. Most had slime buckets and would slime you if you bumped into them, but two (located in Breakwater Beach and Gilbert Square West) would give gifts if you beat them in a game.

Part in Daily EventsEdit

Day 1 (June 12, 2008)Edit

The Rock Bogie snuck into Dizzywood in June 12, 2008, hiding as two piles of rocks, one located at Skytown Skate Park, the other located in The Explorer's Camp, if the player were to retrieve the piles of rocks, they are rewarded with Glowflower Seeds.

Day 2 (June 13, 2008)Edit

The Rock Bogie challenged the players to Force Field again in June 13, 2008, he was hiding near the ruins in Tanglevine Jungle, if he was beaten when played against, he would give the player 300 coins.

Day 3 (June 14, 2008)Edit

The Rock Bogie left 50 Fake Crystals in The Crystal Catacombs in June 14, 2008, the player had to pick all 50 of them up, and then they are rewarded with 500 coins.

Day 4 (June 15, 2008)Edit

The Rock Bogie decided to play a game of hide and seek, the player wound find him in the Apartment Showroom, where he would reward the player with a Log Drawer. You still can't get into the mine. He said you can come in the mineshaft soon not now.

Part in MissionsEdit

Trick Or Treat (October 30/October 31, 2008)Edit

The Rock Bogie returned during the Dizzywood Mission Trick Or Treat where you got 250 coins if you chose treat but if you chose trick you have wait 10 minutes to choose treat.