Blue Elixir

NOTE: You are now unable to get blue elixir of anymore. Every one of them in you inventory has become 10 coins.

Blue Elixir can be found by using Ghost Ray in various places. It can be traded with the Cloud Sprite up in Skytown Skate Park for 60 coins (with a maximum of 10 bottles per time, after that you have to wait about an hour to give it to him again).

For example:

  • It is found in Tanglevine Jungle very close to where you get levitation. There is a small green bush near it, use Ghost Ray on the bush and you will find Blue Elixir.
  • It is found in The Garden Gazebo in the little square at the far left. There is a big tree, use Ghost Ray on the tree and you will find Blue Elixir.

There is a way to get Blue Elixir without Ghost Ray. Go to Presto's Edge, there is a tree next to the sign "Presto's Grove", bump into it you will see this blue thing come out, click on it. You can do this all over again by going to Presto's Grove and then going back.

You can also obtain Blue Elixir in the Elder Vein Mines by playing the Jumper game between mines. If you get all the Blue Elixirs, you are rewarded with up to 12 Blue Elixirs (sometimes more) at the completion of each level.

NOTE: There are more kinds of Elixir which can be found in The Crystal Catacombs by using zap on the pieces of tools.

Orange Elixir or Green Elixir comes out, roll over them with or mouse to collect them, they give you one coin for each Elixir.

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