The game Blocks is similar to the classic game Tetris and is one of the types of mini-games available in Dizzywood. It can be played from the Game Wagon in Presto's Grove (it will go into your backpack) and is one of the games in which you can progress in levels.

You use the left and right arrow keys to move the piece, up to rotate, and down to bring the piece down faster. You must fit in the pieces and make a row horizontally to make it disappear and earn points. Color does not matter in this game at all.

Usually, you must get rid of a certain amount of lines. But there is a Blocks game to enter the Onakasi Treasure Room, where there are grey blocks you must get rid of by making the row it's in disappear.

Hint: If you ended up with a tough situation where each row is missing a block or two, just keep calm and get rid of the top row instead of waiting for one to fit near the bottom.


These are the missions you can play if the game is in your backpack:

Level 1 Missions:

Level 2 Missions:

Level 3 Missions: