The Best Games for getting coins in Dizzywood:

NOTE: Look at the Games article for info about how to play the games!

  • If you are very good at Combo Drop (first you must have Combo Drop in your backpack), click on the level 1 page and play the one that says for points, not the ones with characters on them. You keep playing until the time is up and you can get around 400 coins.

  • Uncover the skull in The Explorer's Camp once a day will give you 500 coins (it's faster when a more people do it together).

  • Collect the items on the floor like stars and crystals.

  • Click on the flower bushes at The Garden Gazebo and play quick games of Combo Drop. You can get up to around 200 coins (or 50 coins if you play with the emote one or the one with seeds when you have all).

  • Finish the labyrinth in the Rock Maze in Tanglevine Jungle, it gives you 150 coins once a day and when you have all the emotes from collecting 10 blue rocks every day, you start getting 250 coins instead.

  • Play Jumper when you want to go to the Tree House and it will give you about 250 coins.

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