Eh. This was a hard page to make. I'm just wondering if the wiki's dead, too. I mean, it was never official, and what with everything made by DW themselves being dead, I had hope. (YouTube is just full of awfully crappy music videos.) Apparently not, because this place died last year But I'm still making this. Who am I, you ask? Writestretch. Write. Or White, which people mistakenly referred to me as. ... I never would have been so formal back in 2010, would I? We've all changed. It's been a good four years. The last time I saw a DW friend (Meagie, if anyone remembers her?) was in 2011. I'm fourteen years old now, and you guys are all likely older. Is there really any point in hoping anymore? And honestly, would any of you guys join a Dizzywood Reborn? I would, but... I dunno. I'm frustrated with the silence, so I'm making this.

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